Tournament Rules

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Tournament Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:55 pm

Any player planning on participating in any tournaments must read the following...

Due to the fact that there is money involved in these tournaments, hacking will not be tolerated what so ever. Hacking will be dealt with in a very swift and severe manner. The server has many hack detection plugins which notify admins of hacking. Any and all admins on the server will then teleport to the location of the hacking to view it in person. That person will immediately be banned. Those banned for hacking during tournaments will not be able to appeal. Compensation for those whom the hacker has influenced negatively is circumstantial and dependent on the discretion of the attending admin. Server logs will be compared to the instance of hacking by the owners to ensure that the ban was just.

To join a tournament, one must go to our buycraft store and purchase the tournament package for the current tournament being held. The package which is to be bought to join the tournament varies with the tournament which is being hosted on any given day. YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON WHEN ENTERING A TOURNAMENT. When you buy the package, buycraft sends the server a command which warps you to another world. Once in this world, the player is given permissions to be able to join the desired tournament. The server cannot be held liable if a player purchases the wrong tournament package for that days tournament. HOWEVER, even if one purchases the wrong package, you are still teleported to the world which enables all of the tournament permissions for the player, so you can still join the desired tournament by typing in the proper join command for the tournament of that time. If a player attempts to enter a tournament when no tournament is scheduled you will not be refunded. DO NOT TELEPORT OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT WORLD YOU ARE WARPED TO. If a player leaves the world they are warped to after buying the buycraft tournament package, they will lose the permission to join the desired tournament. If one intends to play on the factions side right up until the tournament starts, then they should not buy the package until a few minutes before the tournament starts. There will be a schedule made of every tournament within the month as well as regular announcements in server for tournaments being held on a given day. Paypal is currently the only payment option. The username entered at the buycraft store will be the user that is granted the tournament warp. The paypal account used to enter the winning user will be the account that receives the money, this is not optional. The paypal which has funded the player that placed first in a tournament in a given week will receive their money prize on the friday of that given week. 3rd place prize will always be one diamond block, and one enchanted apple. 2nd place prize will always be 3 enchanted apples and 3 diamond blocks. Do not disclose private information to anyone anywhere except for in a private message to an administrator of this forum.

This is a sport. These tournaments are only for those who are sportsman like. These tournaments are for those who are seeking a competitive fair play and a possible way to make money. The entry fee is small in comparison to what could potential be gained. These tournaments are only for those who are looking to test their skills. These tournaments are only for those who are mature, and who understand the risks involved in entering sed tournament.

Any money made by the server goes to paying server fees, and employees of the server. Many hours are put in to the server daily by the staff to ensure the service provided remains premium. We aim to please. We have and are creating a fair trusting environment for players to actively participate in competitive play, and the server may not be held liable for any discrepancies that a player may have. Actions taken by owners are unconditional and irrevocable.

By entering a tournament on the server with the source ip of port number), and alternate ip of TournamentCraft, the entering player is accepting and agreeing to the terms, conditions, rules, regulations, and clauses stated above.


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