MUST READ!! Welcome! : )

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MUST READ!! Welcome! : )

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:22 pm

Hello, and welcome to the world of Tournament Craft, where tournaments are just half of the game!

Warning: This server is for those who are mature, intelligent and skilled. If you lack one, or are none of these things, you may leave now. This server is not for the immature, stupid, and unskilled.

This is a factions survival server with a twist. We host tournaments regularly with real money prizes (read the tournament section of forum to learn more) BUT, tournaments are only half the game. Competitive factions with loads of PvP is the other half. Hacking is NOT tolerated on this server. "Glitching" is also NOT allowed.

Players must read the tournament and donation sections of the forums before entering tournaments or donating.

We seek to provide a fair environment for competitive play both in the tournaments and survival portions of the server.

Here, tournaments are only half the fun. If you dont have skill, or dont like tournaments, no problem, dont play! Instead enjoy the survival factions side of the server. Using the player shops, factions, mcmmo, and extreme PvP skill, master the faction realm!

Please read the rest of the informative sections of the forum (Donations, Tournaments, and Vote for Server).



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