My Staff Application

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My Staff Application

Post by DrTwinklez on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:20 pm

Hello, my IGN is Wyatt619. I know my username is DrTwinklez on here. that's because my YouTube account is called DrTwinklez.
Here is my Application:
Age: 14
Skype: wyatt.uzick
Why I want to be staff: because I love helping out servers. You guys are very nice people and I love the server. I really wish you would give me a chance at being a staff member.
About me: I have ran 5 servers, so I am VERY experienced. I know how to deal with hackers, spammers, griefers and such. (also depending on how you want me to act and what plugins you have) I have been admin on 5 servers. I am very trustworthy as I have not griefed in MY LIFE! you are probably thinking that is a lie, but it is the complete truth.
I MIGHT BE ABLE TO DONATE as well. It's not for sure, but I may be able to donate to the server (that's how much I love it) (I wouldn't donate just to grief to prove how trustworthy I am)
I CAN ALSO MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!! if you would like you can check out my channel (DrTwinklez)
That is my channel. I have just started, but all my videos are in 1080p HD (except 1st one)

Please, Please, Please consider adding me to your staff list. I love your server and I am very trustworthy, and I am good with people and very knowledgable with plugins and such.

thanks for your time.
DrTwinklez (aka Wyatt619)

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Re: My Staff Application

Post by stealthytomato on Tue May 28, 2013 8:00 pm

Hello wyatt... We never ever see you on, this is a great app but you dont actually play!! hahahaha

sorry, we will reconsider if you play more.


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